The club name shall be THE JUNK YARD SAINTS CAR CLUB with a logo of two crossed pistons with a halo and light rays.

Note: The logo can not be altered unless approved by a club vote.


The Junk Yard Saints Car Club is a group of
individuals dedicated to the preservation and common love of automobiles. Club
members participate in automobile related activities including cruises, picnics,
shows, rod runs, and additionally will support events of other car clubs.


Full Club Membership:
1. Members must be a legal adult (i.e. 21 years old).
2. Each members must own classic automobiles built prior to 1964.
- Special consideration may be made for cars from years 1965-1967
- No pony cars or muscle cars.
3. Members shall not be a member of any other car clubs.
4. Multiple members of a house hold (persons living together ie: Significant Others, Spouses, Adult Offspring living with a Member, Roommates, etc.) may be full members. 
5. Members are allowed one vote per household.
6. Full Membership must be approved by all current members
7. A full member should be a citizen with willingness to actively participate in Club activities, membership and business meetings.

Associate Club Membership: 
1. Applies to family members (with out the required automobile), of dues-paying club members. A Spouse/Significant Other and or family member under the age of 21 will be automatically considered an Associate Member. 
2. These Associate Members may participate as non-dues paying members. 
3. Associate Members may participate in Club activities, but are not permitted to vote at Club Business Meetings.


1. There shall be an official business meeting once a month, open to full members only.
2. The time and day shall be decided by the membership.
3. See “Full Member” item 5 for voting rules.


1. Monthly nonrefundable dues for all continuing full members shall be due and collected at each monthly meeting. 
2. Dues are set at $20.00 per month and may be increased annually by a club-wide vote.


1. The use of any Club logo shall be limited to active dues paying full members and their immediate family. 
2. Car tags bearing club logo are strictly limited to use by active dues paying full members on their club approved automobile(s).
3. Club shirts bearing “Support” Logo may be purchased by

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